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2000 Yamaha 1100-Vstar

by Brian Cooper
(North Bay, Ontario)

My sweetie.

My sweetie.

I was never interested in motorcycles until the urge hit me a few years back. My neighbour rode a gorgeous Gold Wing for years and was always telling me I should get a bike and join him on cruises but I had absolutely no interest.

Three years ago I started to get the "bug" (no pun intended) when more and more bikes started to show up at work and the shining chrome really started to get my heart pumping. I was always interested in muscle cars and loud mufflers so this love of chrome and paint on the bikes came natural.

I confess my first bike was not something that was accepted by my co-workers as a true bike so I laughed and said it was my training wheels. My pride and joy was a 200cc scooter with an automatic transmission but nobody wanted to be seen with me. I laugh now about it but make a point of waving to ANYBODY on two wheels now. Hell I was saving gas and getting the itch to move up.

Next came a trip to the bike show in Mississauga this past (2010) January.

Walking around checking out what was for sale I kept returning to one bike in particular that caught my eye. I was not interested in crotch rockets and knew my next ride had to be something that would turn heads.

The third visit back to the vendor was the point the sales rep realized I was serious about my potential purchase. We chatted and I told him it was a bit over my budget price and I left.

Fourth and final visit and after doing my last walk-around I went back and told the rep I had to have this bike, I wanted this bike, this bike was "ME" and my wife would shoot me if I paid the price we were now blocked at.

SUCCESS.......we finally agreed on a price and I left walking on clouds.

The bike was purchased with everything you see on it. I went back to another show in February trying to find something I could add of my own but there was absolutely nothing.

My initial ride was as soon as the pavement was bare and over the last couple months I have put more miles on this bike than I did over the entire two years I owned my scooter.

I am extremely proud of the bike and it does turn heads when I ride down the street, highway, and waterfront.

I live in North Bay, Ontario (Hey Paul I'm close to North Bay Toyota and turn at "Toyota" every time I go out or return home) and I am looking forward to upcoming cruises as a "lone wolf" or with a "pack."

By the way I turned 60 on May 18th of this year (2010) and my wife calls my bike my mid-life mistress.

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