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2003 Yamaha Venture Midnight

by Michael Scott
(St. Catharines, ON)

Me, Jackie and

Me, Jackie and "Bertha"

Here it is, folks: the biggest, heaviest, most expensive motorcycle I've ever owned! (Don't get me wrong; big is good, once you're out on the open road!)

I did the math and determined that I paid more for this baby than all the other motorcycles I've ever owned....combined....and that IS a lot of bikes!

The first owner chromed up the front fender, fuel taps, choke button & passenger boards.....added a lovely tank bib, cut-down windshield, alarm system, passing lights, iPod wiring and a few other goodies I've lost track of. My most significant contribution (and my pride and joy), is my Stebel air horn. (Don't make me use it!! LOL)

Happy New Year to all! Have a great Twenty-Ten riding season!

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