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Ontario Motorcycle Rides

2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109

by Darren Sanderson
(Ingersoll, Ontario)

My Baby

My Baby

I bought this bike it was slightly used, it was used by Suzuki in commercials and advertising, also used for the Suzuki ride demo days, this bike was stock but after a very short time I have put everything I have into it to make it the bike of my dreams at the age of 41 I finally have the bike I have dreamed about..I debaged the whole bike, lowered it 2.5 inches, redone the seats, added all brake chrome parts front and rear, hand buffed the billet, risers, rims ad quite a few other parts, relocated the tach, covered all cables with chrome hose coverings, replaced the speedo background to a tiger, lightning bolts and a saying "Harley Eater" also the numbers are fancy and barb wire background, the brake & clutch levers and kick stand all match as a scissor style, pegs are coming to match as well, chrome grill, tons of chrome caps covering all exposed nuts and bolts, cut out my breathers one side is the chinese symble for strength & power the other side is for muscle & love, chrome drive shaft cover, chrome swing arm cover, removed the rear signals, chrome brake light cover and smoked the light! I likely forgot something but its my baby - My divorce gift to myself! also my new fiance!

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