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2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50 Lehman trike, 800cc

Ural 750 with sidecar

Ural 750 with sidecar

I would've never thought of riding a motorbike again after I got married several decades ago, and raising four children. I had become crippled with worn out hip joints over a five year period. The pain became unbearable and by 2002 I couldn't walk further than 100 feet.

After suffering even more due to errors by the surgeon, making my leg 3/4" too long. I walked with crutches and canes for months and even checked out the internet for a "mobility" scooter to get around on.
I had to wait another year for the second hip to be replaced by another surgeon. He made that leg the exact same length.
Soon I refused the idea of a mobility scooter. It still took another year before my walk became as it should have been.

It was my husband, who encouraged me in 2006 to ride a motorbike again, as I have done many years ago. I argued with him, because by then I was 67 years old. Anyway, I did as I was told and bought first a Vespa scooter, then a Yamaha 450cc, next a Ural 750cc with sidecar, and bought the Suzuki trike in 2011.

It is an awesome machine and I love it, and it has enough power to pass transport trucks with ease.
Why I am writing all the above is to encourage others and to show that one can reach his/her potential even in unfavorable conditions. I will be turning 76 this year and nobody beliefs it, because I do not ride like a slow-poke, although I'm careful...LOL.
I thank God for His help and the opportunity that I am still able to enjoy riding my motorcycle.

Enjoy your ride.
Dr. Trudy Veerman
Ontario. Canada

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