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2010 Victory Cross Country: The Phantom

by Billy aka 2looney
(Kitchener, Ontario)

The Phantom

The Phantom

Having test rode a Victory Vision and then the Cross Country I knew which bike I wanted. My wife found this bike advertised on a selling website it had low km. and the graphics were awesome. We had ventured out to look at it and just was in awe so I purchased it.

Picking it up on a Friday evening and then storing it in my shop for a week until we got back from a week of touring and camping. I had to license it and take it for a nice long ride returning only to strip my other bike of its CB, hitch, trailer harness and a few other extras and begin to install on the Victory.

With only 5 days to have it ready for our 2 week trip to North Carolina and the Tail of the Dragon I had to fabricate a hitch for the bike to haul the rejuvenated trailer now known as the Box.

We left on schedule with my wife riding her bike and my friend riding his and pulling a tent trailer. The Victory handled the trailer like it wasn't there. The bike handled gracefully through the corners of the dragon and wanted to dip more into the corners with a faster pace. I'm looking forward to the new season ahead and the the roads we will be riding. I have sat on the seat for more than 12 hours of traveling and the comfort was excellent. Music blaring through the ipod and the volume would increase or decrease with the speed which allowed you to keep your mind and eyes on the road. Just an all around great bike with a 106 cu in / 1731cc powerplant with a 6 speed tranny that is very quick on giving you the torque you need. If you are thinking about the Victory you have to test ride one, its an experience.

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