Bikers Reunion New Liskeard
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Bikers Reunion New Liskeard

June 27, 2015 - Bikers Reunion happens every year in New Liskeard ON. It is a 3 day event culminating with the Terry Phippen Memorial Ride

Leaving North Bay you can ride east on Hwy 63 up to Hwy 101 and then to New Liskeard. On the way back you can ride straight down Hwy 11 South. Riding up the Quebec side has some nice twisties and is fun while riding down Hwy 11 South has lots of lakes to see and enjoy.

Bikers Reunion

Some of the entertainment we seen was the CANNONLADY who shots herself 75' in the air out of a Cannon landing in a safety net some 150' away. See video.

Or what about being blown up with 5 sticks of dynamite in the same box your sitting in? This guy is crazy but it's just some of the entertainment you will find at Bikers Reunion in New Liskeard.

Lots of vendors are on the grounds as well. It's a good place to buy some of your motorcycle needs like leather chaps or gloves, helmets etc. Most of the motorcycle manufacturers are also here - Honda, Harley, Yamaha, Victory etc.

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