Locked Keys in TRUNK of 2008 Honda Goldwing
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Locked Keys in TRUNK of 2008 Honda Goldwing

Locked Keys in TRUNK of 2008 Honda Goldwing

Well today I locked my key and remote keyless fob inside my trunk on my 2008 Honda Goldwing. Not a good idea! I also didn't have my spare key. I was able to call my dealer and ask him if there is a trick or a work around to help me out in this situation.

He had me do the following:

1) remove seat
2) connect a wire to the "positive" on the battery terminal
3) under seat, find the GREY 14 pin connector
(found mine on side without battery towards the back)
4) insert the other end of the wire in the back of the connector "BLUE" wire
5) IT UNLOCKS note: please leave GREY 14 pin connector CONNECTED - do not disconnect the connector as it needs to be connected to complete circuit.

This worked like a charm. I required two things. One was an allen key to take of the grips on the seat so I could remove it. The other was a 2' wire for jumping the connection.

Here is a photo of the GREY 14 PIN connector with instructions.

Photo: Locked Keys in TRUNK of 2008 Honda Goldwing

and I have also learned from this to ensure you carry or hide a spare key on your motorcycle just in case!

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