Orillia Ontario Motorcycle Ride
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Orillia Ontario Motorcycle Ride

Orillia Ontario - Beautiful, scenic, clean and an excellent place to ride your Motorcycle. We took a ride today from North Bay Ontario to Orillia Ontario via Hwy 11 south and we went downtown to the Mariposa Market. This is one bustling small community with an incredible downtown core. Orillia Ontario makes for an perfect Motorcycle ride and only a few hours from Toronto it makes for a very easy day ride with lots to see and do.

Orillia Ontario is celebrating outdoor art with Orillia Streets Alive and all their gorgeous guitars are on display outdoors.

Here are just a few of the guitar pictures we took in August 2010. Here's a link to our photo gallery! This event was spectacular. As we walked the downtown core there were large "over the top" guitars that were decorated with different themes.

What a site to see . . . tastefully created and decorated "bigger than life" guitars lining the street. We had a great time looking at all the different themes.

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