Good Morning, Dr Ken
In Answer to your question ---> Do you think that it would be useful for our advisors at ? or perhaps anyone else?

At each turn when I had a question(s) with any of my SBI sites, using the contact form was clean, quick, simple and allowed great results.

In that situation I could really see a "Live Chat" (no video) button to more useful than "Video Chat"., has this "Live Chat" feature on several support issue areas which I have had to use it in the past with very good results without having to lose any downtime waiting for a return email.

I think "Video Chat" can also waste a lot more time and may not be as effective in certain situations.

"Video Chat" is definitely another tool in our toolbox allowing us to spend more time at the dealership and less time travelling.

For most of our training purposes using "Video Chat" works perfectly allowing dealership personnel to be trained effectively with less downtime and reduced investment cost on our end.

Not sure if this helps but Thank You for your interest.

See you in the SiteSellforums :) - -> Paul Meyers