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Ontario Motorcycle Rides

any highway outside the gta towards north bay etc. the open roads are open and inviting.

by eric n. beatty
(oshawa ont. canada)

Well it was a definite compromise..my previous ride 1989 venture was my baby until about 5 years ago.

She fell over again, side stand gave into asphalt again..leg strength gone..time to say goodbye..looked over all the various options to get back in the saddle..price, delivery,insurance costs and all the rest that goes with buying new or used..and room for my wife..researched and finally a road test..took a 2011 CAN AM SPYDER RT AC for a joint spin..very different to say the least..signed the papers and rode the beast home.

I watched the dvd, read the drivers ownership book and allowed my self 1 week to relearn, to re feel, to know what, where and when. the spyder is NOT like anything else on 3 wheels. here i am 2014 and still learning after 50 years of riding. The spyder handles road conditions quite differently than 2 wheels.

It will follow the cross profile of a road, it doesn't like strong side winds,you must always be aware of the front end width at traffic islands and curbs.the gas mileage v2, is not great but your steering 900 lbs. the fit and finish and the factory follow up is quick and professional.

When you add a few pieces of goodies to your ride the road side attention and the parking lot questions never stop..a spyder is not for everyone but it is a compromise for us old cave dwellers.

There are few items that could be better but hey...just because it has 3 wheels and its a reverse style trike give it an honest and studied view. It may be a bit pricey but check out a top end BMW, H.D., Victory etc. They are all fantastic technical machines that do deserve every star they have, but if you need stability, enjoy the open road, the family of two wheeled buddies and friends then consider a spyder.

Ask an owner and go on the net for more feedback..at this point in my life 66 years old i am once again living, waving, breathing and totally enjoying being a biker...

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