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Ontario Motorcycle Rides

Because it's the best therapy (for just about everything) in the world!

by Ron W.
(Clarington, Ontario)

The first day I brought her home.

The first day I brought her home.

2009 FXSTC Soft-Tail Custom

I have tried to explain the thrills of riding my Harley to people that have never actually ridden a bike, and it's not an easy thing to do. I'm not talking about being a passenger either, there's a huge difference between the back seat & the front seat.

About the only answer I could come up with is you just have to experience it for yourself! I suppose you could say that it is about the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground. It's the adventure of the journey, and discovering new roads. It's the things that you see, that you would never notice in a car. It's the things that you can smell, that you would never smell in a car, even with the windows wide open. You can feel the change in temperature whenever you get near water. You become "one" with your machine.

And when you get to where ever you are going, and take a short "pit-stop", you just want to jump on your bike and ride some more.

When you stop somewhere, maybe for a drink or a bite to eat, there's always someone who wants to talk to you, or ask you about your bike. It's a great conversation starter and a way to break the ice. That rarely ever happens when you're driving in a cage.

...does that help?

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