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Caribbean Cruise

by Paul
(north ontario)

Well this ride is not in Ontario it has to be the best ride that i have ever done.

It started out with a buddy calling me and asking "have you ever heard of a Caribbean Cruise that you take your own bike on?" my answer was no but I got on my computer and started searching and I found a company based in Memphis that does such a thing.

Well after a dinner with a couple friends and a phone call we were booked on our tour. So last march we loaded three bikes, a Goldwing, a V-Star 1100 and a V-Star 650 in a trailer and headed to Daytona.

We parked the truck and trailer and spent a week touring our way to fort Lauderdale where we met up with 14 other bikes that were waiting to load on the royal Caribbean cruise ship.

We were going for 8 days, I now know what its like to be a rock star we were treated like kings, we got to ride our bikes on St Martin and then on to St Thomas virgin island, and then on to Puerto Rico where we were escorted by 8 of there motorcycle police up into the rain forest and right through downtown.

All the while as police stopped traffic at lights and on ramps so that we could ride by, it was an amazing trip, the cruise was fantastic and a ride that I highly recommend everyone do at some point!

I live north of Huntsville and there are great rides up here but that is buy far my BEST ride ever.

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