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Customized 1981 Yamaha Virago

by Mike Guilbault
(Stoney Creek, ON)

Reaper Rider by MikesGFX

Reaper Rider by MikesGFX

Well I got it in spring of 2003 after about close to 10 years without a bike. It was time to ride and never stop again!!!

I road it for a few years as it was then with all the bike builder TV shows on I got inspired. I had always done my own body work & paint on my cars so I thought what the hell? I can do this. I started in Jan of 2005 and after about 3 months of late nights this is what I created. What do you think?

This is a list of what I designed and built from scratch or modified from original. Front to back

• Handlebars
• Moved forks 6" forward
• Front fender, made it hug the tire
• Split tank and made 2x the size
• Seat Pans & back rest.
• moved all electrical from headlight to box on side.
• Made lower frame to mount forward controls.
• Made forward controls including pegs and levers
• Modified exhaust to clear forward controls
• lowered seat by 4" to 6"
• Made rear fender & mounting bracket
• Made Battery and New electrical side boxes

I think that's it but I probably missed a few things.
This is the only one I built I plan on doing another one for myself again. Now I am happy just painting other riders bikes.

Thx MikesGFX
Mikes GFX


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