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Hitting a bear on my motorcycle

- Hi Everyone, I thought this story might interest a few of you. It happened many years ago but worth repeating.

Was driving 2up on a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe heading across Hwy 124 towards Parry Sound Ontario, Canada - this was a few years ago now.

It was a beautiful sunny day around lunch time and we were travelling around 80-90 KM/HOUR with another bike leading the way, I was in the outside lane when out from the right hand side a Black Bear came flying out of a swampy ditch. No time to react.....none!

The bears head hit the front forks bending/collapsing them and then his entire body took out the right side, my rear braking capacity was gone as it was bent up (with my foot in it).

I am not sure how we were able to keep the bike up but we did (probably with some devine intervention).

We knocked the Black Bear completely out (I thought we killed it) but my buddy went back to check out the bear and when he did the bear started to move, after a few minutes the bear got up and wandered back into the swamp. Tough sucker if I do say so.

The damage to the motorcycle exceeded $14,000 not enough to write the bike off but enough for me to trade it in as I didn't want it back. Had to call a Tow Truck as the bike was not rideable and they came and picked up the bike within an hour. Great friendly service in a time of need.

Anyway it hasn't stopped us from riding but sure takes a little of the enjoyment away.

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