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Looking for anyone to hook-up with for a 3 day trip to Winnipeg, end of July

by Denis Morin
(Etobicoke Ont.)

Hi, my name is Denis, and I want to thank you for this opportunity to spread the word to your readers about my dilemma, You see, my younger sister lives just N/E of Winnipeg Man., and I've been promising her a visit on my new bike I bought on my 71st. birthday in 2005, a 1999 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Drifter, hmm? let’s see now, Yah! I guess that makes me 76 now, Wow! How Time Flies!! Ya notice all us older guys comin’ back eh? We all had to get rid of our toys when we got married, and now WE’RE BACK!
Although I’m still in terrific physical and mental health, (now,) I don't want to push it another year for such a long trip and nor do I want to go it alone, for safety sake. I had hooked up with a wonderful younger couple and they were looking so forward to this trip but illness in their family back home in Scotland has taken priority, and that’s where they’ll be in July. And therefore I’m hoping someone will seize the opportunity in taking their place and jump on the band wagon for this trip, as I’m sooo, looking forward to it and may be my last chance at the brass ring, and need to hook-up with someone interested in joining me for the 3 days 2 nights, trip there and same thing back. My good wife and I have already made this trip twice by car before, and now, I would just love to do it again on my bike.
It's the most gorgeous road trip anyone could ever ask for, specially from Sault Ste. Marie on through to the Man. boarder, after that, it's just flat land and boring till you get to BC, so I'm told. So let’s go guys, we still have 4 full weeks to plan and make it happen, I’ve got all the CAA road maps etc. it would be great to have someone else to come along and enjoy this great once in a life time opportunity. So let’s hook-up ASAP It’ll be more fun, I’ll even “let you meet my seeester” Just kidding, she’ll be happy to meet you.
Again, a big thank you and I will continue to post my message on your site.
As always, Denis Morin. (416) 249-4546 >denismorin34@rogers.com<

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