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Mark's Run for A.L.S. No Donations required!!

by John Thompson
(Guelph, Ont.)


Please forward this to all the bikers you know!
But, just for a moment, imagine if you couldn’t. You couldn’t feel the freedom of the open road, the grinding and carving of the corners, and the camaraderie of your friends!
This is the situation a family member and riding buddy of mine is dealing with!
My cousin, friend and riding buddy, Mark, developed A.L.S or better known as Lou Gehrig's disease back in 2006.
Mark is my very close friend and a riding buddy for years. In fact, riding was one of his greatest pleasures as it is for most of us. I have attached pictures of Mark from our trip to the sport bike rally in 2006 and a picture from Early 2010. This is a guy who played every sport and was always active. Today he is restricted to a wheel chair, unable to move or even talk. He is being fed through a feeding tube as of last week. I hate to say it, but soon, tomorrow might not come for Mark.
Mark said something to me months ago I will never forget, and yes there are tears running down my cheeks as I write this. He said to me,” Johnny, when you go riding, do me a favor and ride for me too!” Of course, I replied with a “you bet I will” and I have every time I go out, but I want to do more.
Meeting at the front of the Mohawk Raceway parking lot at 1 p.m.
What I would like to do is simply have a ride, with as many bikes as possible to run into Etobicoke, past Marks home, give a few rev’s and then return. I know this would bring a smile to his face even if he couldn’t manage to make the movement, I know he would be smiling inside, bigger than anyone could ever imagine.
Following the Run past Mark’s home, we will ride back through Belfountain and the Forks of the Credit area back to the Rockwood area where I will happily put on a BBQ for all to show my appreciation of your participation.
I am NOT asking for any money, just your support of a fellow rider, however if you feel the need to donate, any funds received will be directly forwarded to the A.L.S. society of Ontario.
Please forward this to 10 riders, or you will be cursed by June bugs!
Just kidding, please forward this to as many bikers as possible and help put a smile on Mark’s face
Hopefully we get a great turnout and have a fantastic ride!
Please RSVP to jt1@rogers.com if you can attend or if you think you can help, so that we can make arrangements to have food for everyone following the ride.
Your participation would be greatly appreciated,
Regards, John Thompson
For more info on A.L.S. see http://www.alsont.ca/

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