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Mother Daughter Ride

by Blanca Scanlon-Sharpe
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

It is my pleasure to reach out to you on behalf of the Mother Daughter Ride (MDRide) and invite you to join a national charity event. In August of 2010, leaving from St. John?s, Newfoundland , two women, a mother and daughter team, will lead other motorcycle riders on a 24 day trek across Canada ending in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In partnership with SOS Children?s Villages, a national and international charity supporting orphans and abandoned children, all proceeds of the Mother Daughter Ride will enable children in Canada and around the world receive an education, a home and create a sustainable way of life.

Over the next 7 months, the Mother Daughter Ride will begin raising $2M through national sponsorships, donations, pledges and events. Motorcycle riders, clubs and associations will be uniting in a relay style ride, garnishing national and local attention for the cause.
The beauty of MDRide is the simplicity of its endeavor. Riders are welcome to join the ride, parts there off or attend our event in their community. Each evening of the ride, different groups & individuals of the community MDRide pass through will gather and spend an evening uniting, bonding and inspiring others that giving is easy and rewarding.

The Goal: for riders to
experience Canada and have an amazing adventure raising $2 Million in order to offer kid's a home, an education, health care, vocational training and hope for the future.

Our Mission is to unite individuals to ride across Canada, or part thereof, and raise awareness and funds for a part of society that does not have a strong voice ? children.

Our Vision is to inspire those in our reach to believe in themselves and others enough to acknowledge their presence and impact. We believe in bringing people together in order to bring peace to ourselves and our surroundings. Our vision is to help provide a sustainable future that includes individual action, no matter how small.

The Mother Daughter Ride is about more than just the ride and the charity. It's about providing a forum for motorcycle riders to come together and create change. It's about engaging individuals and providing them with an opportunity to experience and share an adventure. It's about inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and act beyond the fear. It's about bringing people together and creating a dialogue around giving. The Mother Daughter Ride is about showcasing the power of the individual and the impact of a community.

For more information, please visit www.mdride.com and join the ride!

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