Motorcycle Florida - Key West - Miami Motorcycle Tour 2012
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Motorcycle Florida - Key West - Miami Motorcycle Tour 2012

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2nd Leg of this trip can be found here.

3rd and Final Leg of our Trip

3rd and final leg, Motorcycle Florida - Keywest to Miami - Our third and final leg of our Motorcycle Florida Tour 2012 have us leaving Key West around 11:00 am and heading North on Highway #1 into Miami. This trip was approximately 175 miles and took us about 4 - 5 hours with a lunch stop about halfway at Gilbert's Resort in Key Largo. The food was excellent, the service friendly and the views incredible as we sat right down on the beach. We even had a visit by a pod of dolphins as you can see in our video clip.

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This highway has posted speeds between 45-65 mph but with the incredible scenery you will want to ride a little slower.

We did encounter rush hour traffic when arriving in Miami so the last 10 miles to our hotel took us approximately 1 hour in stop and go traffic which created another problem upon arriving at our destination The "W". As we pulled into Valet parking we were informed that the Hotel would not allow us to park our Harley's underground for two reasons. 1- No liability insurance 2- No ability to ride motorcycle. We offered to ride the bikes to the underground valet parking lot ourselves but they wouldn't allow us to.

So they gave us another option which was to park in a public parking lot across the street. But here's the problem, when we got back on the bikes and tried to start them BOTH Harley's would not start. Both had apparently overheated and had to be left in Valet parking until they cooled sufficiently which took about 3 hours. Needless to say the valet parking staff did not really believe the bikes wouldn't start. Now you know why I ride a liquid cooled Japanese motorcycle - my beloved Honda Goldwing has NEVER EVER left me stranded well except for the time I locked the keys in the trunk, but that was my stupidity not the bikes fault.

After that ordeal we settled in to an incredible hotel with the paparazi's right outside our balcony which faced the street and had an incredible ocean view. Apparently our hotel was home to a very popular nightclub with the rich and famous as frequent visitors. Here's a video of the room we had stayed in.

And another video of the pool area of this awesome hotel.

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Of course part of our visit to Miami had to include a trip to Miami Ink where I just had to get another special tattoo.

Here's a Photo Gallery Link of our 2012 Motorcycle Florida Tour Photo Gallery

3rd & Final Leg of our Motorcycle Tour 2012
Key West to Miami

All the red pins are places we took photo's using our Iphone4s.

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