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Ontario Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle riding became "therapy" for me.

by Trudy Veerman
(Madoc Twsp, Ontario,Canada)

I am presenting this story as an eighty year young active lady, who has been riding motorcycles of different makes since I was 20 years young and living in the Netherlands. I married a few years later and that stopped me from riding for several years. We emigrated to Canada some 6 years later.

I began riding again here in ONTARIO after we raised 4 children. I had different motorcycles, also a Russian Ural 650 CC bike with sidecar. The Ural did not have enough power in the hilly areas where we did live. Several years later I had difficulties walking since my hip joints were shot, which caused severe pain most of the time. So I got myself a beautiful Suzuki Boulevard Lehman trike, which had enough power and was far more comfortable than the Ural.
The hip pain became nearly unbearable once riding my bike. I would ride while singing songs to keep my attention off of the pain. I choose the country roads, where not much traffic was. And trust me if I tell you that "ANGELS" began to follow me no matter how fast I did ride. I could not see them because they were my "back guardians".
The ANGELS were singing wonderful songs as in a choir, while following me, and I began to sing along with them. I have never had such experiences before nor after that my hip joints were restored through surgery. I am not telling you a riddle, but the TRUTH. Any ride I took during those painful years Angels of the Lord followed me, for protection and providing encouragement.
I am thankful for these experiences in my life since it brought me through difficult times. In these times of pain I have learned much and glad to have these experiences also to support others during such days. God has been my Rescuer and my Help during some very trying years. I received support and therefore I never gave up. Although this was a very difficult time for me, I came through this Victoriously, which taught me NEVER to give up. I am thankful having been able to ride my motorcycle for so many years, while not too many ladies my age, dare to even think about it.
(I just sold my Suzuki and bought a Honda Civic)
This all has been worth it, and these experiences assigned to me to be an encouragement to others, to keep on trusting the Lord no matter the situation, the condition, or the circumstances. Nevertheless, He expects from us to trust Him. NEVER GIVE UP!
Best Regards,
Dr.Trudy Veerman

Published Author, Poetess, Counselor, Musician.
Dr. Trudy Veerman

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