Motorcycling and Geocaching
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Motorcycling and Geocaching

Motorcycling and Geocaching and why they are so perfectly matched. Two great hobbies to enjoy at the same time. Here's a recent geocache find in Laurier Woods, North Bay Ontario

Firstly geocaching is a great way to explore your area and do a little high-tech treasure hunting. It's a game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. Combine that with your motorcycle and you have endless motorcycle rides and great times of treasure hunting ahead of you.

Today August 22, 2010 was my first time experiencing both. I took a ride and found (using my Iphone GPS and App) 2 seperate caches. It was exhilarating both finding the hidden treasure and motorcycling to it's location. You get it all. A motorcycle ride, some exercise (walking/hiking) and a good hunt to get the juices flowing. I think more motorcycling enthusiasts will venture into this high-tech high-touch world and begin their own treasure hunting/motorcycling ventures.

Motorcycling and Geocaching

The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Here's a glossary of terms. You might find this helpful when wondering what certain things mean as you learn about geocaching

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