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Papa Joe Ride May 29th

by Brian Cooper
(North Bay, Ontario)

This is me.

This is me. "Coop"

Tomorrow (May 29th, 2010) I am taking part in my first ever "ride" and looking so forward to the fun.

I bought my first "real" bike at the show in January and taken a few short runs on my own but never with a group and this is going to be so exciting. I have heard lots of comments from friends and co-workers about the Papa Joe Ride and confess they have been mixed but hey when you get a bunch of people together anything can happen.

I am looking forward to making lots of new friends so if you see a big, white haired dude, with a white goatee and wearing an orange jean vest with "CAN YOU SEE ME NOW" on the back........yep you found "Coop" so don't be shy and say hello. I am very easy to talk to and enjoy meeting new people.

Hell I'm letting my lawn grow a few more weeds and not bothering to cut it AGAIN because riding is a priority. One more day won't hurt and I can brag that I am a tree-hugger doing my part to avoid pollution by not running my lawn mower or adding chemicals to the grass. I'm also a good husband by giving my wife a break from hearing me complain about being tired and wanting a nap.

Ride safe and be good.

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