Riding in the Rain
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Riding in the Rain

Riding in the Rain? Puddles, Potholes and Painted lines you need to watch. If you ride a motorcycle chances are you have ridden in the rain and for most of us it's not very pleasant. As a matter of fact it can get dangerous quite quickly.

Here are a few hazards that you may want to avoid:

  • Painted Lines
  • Painted lines are inherently slippery when wet. Intersections are particularly dangerous especially if you're turning or leaning at an angle. Approach intersections slower than normal and don't lean the bike. Remember every painted line is a hazard especially if your leaning or turning your ride.

  • Steel
  • Steel is another dangerous issue especially those diamond plate steel grates that when your tire hits them it wants to slide across it and therefore you loose traction/grip. Railroad tracks are also extremely dangerous and must be crossed while your bike is straight up and hopefully not on an angle. The position your motorcycle is in when dealing with these various hazards is very important. Slow down, keep bike straight up and don't lean it.

  • Puddles and Pot Holes
  • Puddles and Pot holes we all hate. It usually only takes one or two of them before you realize that the possibility of that puddle being one big large black hole is pretty big so stay clear of them when you can.

  • Oil
  • Oil is everywhere and it's dangerous. My first rule I have when motorcycling is if it begins to rain I usually look for a Tim Horton's (Canada's Favourite Coffee Shop) to rest and relax and let most of the fresh oil that's on the road wash away. This is very important. Waiting 30-60 minutes may save you from possible dangers or slipping or accidents. If given time the rain will wash most of the fresh oil off the roadway and out from under your tires giving you the most traction. Remember Riding in the Rain is going to happen to you. Just relax, stop for a coffee and wait it out. It usually only rains hard for the first 30-60 minutes which gives you some time to prepare your rain gear and get a hot coffee in you. Here we are wearing our Frogg Toggs. If you don't have a set you really need to get yours. They are breathable, lightweight, easy to pack and they come in almost every color.

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