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Riding to Ottawa? Try the Perth Rd. route.

by Statsman

From Highway 401, take the Division St. / Perth Rd. exit.

Go north on Perth Rd.
Also known as "Historic" Perth Rd., it is one of the earliest highways in the region. As a result, it twists and turns around lakes and other obstacles. Hills were not leveled out. When they first built the road, they didn't have the money or technology to do these thing.
Great winding, twisting ride with many challenging sections.
I generally stop for lunch in the town of Westport.
From Westport continue north and just after you enter the town of Perth, take County Rd. 1 through Rideau Ferry to Lombardy (road not on map). More twisty turns and challenges.
Hwy. 15 into Smiths Falls and then your choice of routes into Ottawa.
I prefer the county roads into North Gower, then up old Highway 16 to Ottawa.

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