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Scottevest - What the heck is it? Scottevest is Travel Clothing for Men and Women with Multi-pocket Vests, Jackets, Shirts and Pants. These guys are so creative and have sold millions and millions of "pockets" over the years. For riding it's the ultimate for long motorcycle rides. Having the ability to keep most of your technology items on you rather than cluttering up your side bags or back box and nobody wants to use fanny packs anymore. The Scottevest is great for quickly accessing your camera or phone to snap up a picture without having to get off your bike.

CEO and President Scott Jordon has just penned a book which I have bought and read called PocketMAN. I loved the book. Scott is so transparent and honest and is such a passionate guy the book made for a very interesting read and hard to put down at times.

I have just ordered (Nov. 2014) the Scottevest Fleece Jacket 7.0 which should arrive sometime next week and I can't wait. I just love the quality, practicality and convenience of these jackets. I am planning on riding from where I live in North Bay Ontario Canada all the way to Alaska this summer 2015 and I plan on bringing and wearing my Scottevest gear. It's gonna be a blast.

Here is the SeV Revolution Jacket I have owned for 3 years and love it and used if for our Florida Motorcycle Trip in 2012. This is an X-Ray version showing the available pockets.


Back in February of 2012 we rode our Harley's from Sarasota to Ft. Lauderdale down to Key West and back up to Miami. I wore the Scottevest SeV Revolution Jacket/Vest (pictured above) for most of the trip adn with it's 26 pockets I had room for everything. I also used it for travelling through the airport and on the plane which allowed me to carry many items with easy access to them all.

- - - Florida Motorcycle Tour 2012- - -
Broken into 3 different pages

1st Leg - Sarasota to Ft. Lauderdale

2ng Leg - Ft. Lauderdale to Key West

3rd & Final Leg - Key West to Miami






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