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Ontario Motorcycle Rides

St. Marys to Lock Haven Pennsilvania

by John Thompson
(Guelph, Ont. Canada)

taken while cruzin

taken while cruzin

I know this is a U.S. ride, But it is the perfect weekend ride. Hwy 120 from St.Marys to Lock Haven is a great adventure and only a 2 day ride there and back. This road has great smooth pavement with very few strait stretches. It meanders along rivers and railroad tracks through the heart of Pennsilvania. Subject to many objections I keep getting from fellow riders, the people are great down here,it was very rare that if we stopped to check maps that we didn't have someone stop to see if we needed help. The riding is safe and they even have a campain for car drivers to watch for motorcycles shown by numberous signs and billboards.

(*NOTE: you can legally ride with no helmet in this area, which this road is good for as traffic is a minimum, but not suggested for the higher volume highways!)

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