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The Start of Riding Season by Bear


When does riding season start? The answer... it depends on who you talk to...! I have seen riders on Hogs, Metrics and small scooters out this winter with snow and ice still on the roads. The usual grin of satisfaction is more like a grimace as they concentrate on keeping their beast upright, but I envy their determination, whether brave or foolhardy. As to the why... it may as simple an answer as, that is their only means of transportation, (I suspect that to be true of the old guy I saw on the small scooter), or they may be just doing a short run, just because they can... as for the 300 pound, scarlet-faced guy cruising the 401 highway at -17C temperatures, One can only speculate what was going through his mind!

For some, the season is when the winter melt is gone, several downpours have washed the salt off the road and the wind has dissipated to a whimper. For others... when the black ice is gone... the riding season starts no matter what the temperature! With warm riding gear and anti-fog visors and goggles, the wind chill factor, is no longer a factor...just a slight annoyance. Yes... I am aware of the dangers of the tires not softening enough to get a good grip on the road, but you compensate by taking it a little easier on the turns and avoiding the painted lines and black snakes on the road. Some of the my best riding was when most had already put their motorcycle into hybernation for the season. The cold air added a greater kick to the engine and the road was mine to enjoy with only a few cagers around to share it with...

Bottom line...while spring might be four weeks away, for some of us, the riding season is already here!


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