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US Route 2 & #

by Mary
(London On Canada )

Spirit on her trip west

Spirit on her trip west

Riding out to Vancouver and across to the Island we then took an Internatiional Ferry crossing to Port Angeles Washington down the Oregon coast & home to London On.

we picked up the western trail just off I75 north after we crossed the Mackinaw bridge in St Ignace and road along lake Michigan till we got to Escanaba and across the state till we got to Duluth. we then headed west to Grand Forks North Dakota,East Grand Forks is in Minnesota. So far not much to see pretty much like home, but it's a great ride along 2 of the great lakes, no make it 3 if you count the short stretch of Lake Huron you travel while on the I 75 north. Anyway on ward west, as you continue west you come to Rigby North Dakota which just happens to be the geographical centre of North America we would have missed it if we had not stopped for lunch cause all the marks it is a little sign on the side of the road. going off the hiway there are a lot of state parks and intresting things to see, Like Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Stop in Malta Montana to see the Dinosaurs, if your lucky you can get a peck at the research facility and watch them prepare their latest fossil finds Stay on #2 and your starting to see the foot hills and you ride through glacier International peace park and Logans pass, cross into Canada. we crossed over at Roosville and rode the Trans canada into Vancouver, crossing the Great Divide a time or two and played on s few glaciers, It was 29 degrees C but we had a snow ball fight, and we we rode close to a spring feed water fall it was down right Cold. The TC is along the Rogers pass. Riding in the mountians is totally amazing, you get a new vista at every turn. Vancouver is awsome, but the signage is a
little hard to find, but we found our way to the ferry to Nanaimo, rode the ferry to the states and was very surprised that bikes are first on first off, sitting on deck we did get to see a pod of whales in the Jaun De fuca straits. Heading east we road to yellowstone park and saw a few of the geysers and stoped to get my National park passport stamped, It's get pretty full, and checked outall the harleys with the guys, we talked about how far every one had riden, and when they found out we had rode all the way from London (No one knew where that was) so it became Detroit, we'er only 2 hours from there the boys all came over and bowed infront of spirit (thats our 2006 white wing) they all trucked thier babies up from Texas a mear 1000ks and we had all ready put on 3500Ks, we head home passing towns like Buffalo Bill State Park
Cody & Deadwood ending up in Sturgis just days before the rally. Road the Black hills visited the Ingels place You Know the little house on the prairie, checked out Mount Rushmore, and the Wall. Spirit need new shoes by the time we got to Sioux Falls so we followed the GPS straight to a Honda dealer and got her oil change done too the Dealership stay open for us and got us a pizza to boot they were just great. By this time we where get close to the end of our trip just a few more days to go through Chicago, Detroit over the Ambassador Bridge Windsor & home. 15 days 5600Ks and only 1600 dollars for the time of our lives. Most of my pictures are taken from the back of the bike while we where riding, I just snap & hope for the best. This years trip old route 66 as much as we can
thanks for letting me relive a great trip

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