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by Carole
(Ottawa, on)


i had a nice 2004 honda shadow aero, that i had to trade in and i got a spyder, why? i have an injury to my left hip awaiting a hip replacement, i injured my left knee partially tore the mcl, therfore, unable to weightbare on only one leg, have been unsteady on red lights and heavy traffic,

my question is this, what do bikers think of ppl on a spyder, i definatly feel much safer riding the spyder, but obviously not a motorcycle and yes i miss my bike, and i was unable to afford a gold wing trike, in the 50 gs, my option was to trade my bike for a vtx 1300 and trike it, problem was, no button for reverse which would have meant for me to push the bike, im 5`3 and weigh 140 lbs, this machine would have weigh in over a 1000 lbs.

your opinon counts, so at least i know how ppl think, and would make me feel better when i drive by a biker,



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